Red Crown Spodumene™

Red Crown Spodumene™ permits lower firing temperatures and a faster rate of cooling (quicker kiln turnaround) in low thermal expansion and fully vitrified ceramic bodies. It also imparts excellent thermal shock properties for ceramic cookware bodies.

Red Crown Spodumene™ is used in unglazed ceramic wall and floor tiles (such as porcellanato, granito tiles) to reduce firing times and temperatures, linear contraction of the tiles (less loss due to imperfections), and to improve surface quality in terms of "spot" resistance. It also improves the mechanical characteristics of tiles.

In frits and glazes, Red Crown Spodumene™ reduces the glaze viscosity and melting temperature while decreasing the coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) of the finished glaze. As a result of a lower CTE, thermal and chemical stability of the finished glaze is optimized.

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